What. The. Yum.

Having Fun. With Food.

I am all about having fun with food. Throwing dinner parties, learning new cooking techniques, and eating delicious food are all things that make me unreasonably happy. And I want to spread that happiness all around, so I’m here sharing recipes, basic cooking skills, and dinner party plans (including awesome downloads) with you (because I love youuuuuu).

Why “What The Yum?”

“What The Yum” is a phrase that often escapes my lips when I taste something I absolutely love (often in a sing-songy voice, if I’m honest). I’m a big foodie, and I’m kind of a spaz, so “What The Yum” is basically my personality in a sentence. It’s 100% me, and it feels to me like an expression of pleasure and celebration of the food you’re experiencing. And that’s what I want for you. I want to provide recipes, parties, and techniques that will make cooking, eating, and experimenting with food an act of celebration and joy.

Welcome! And bon appétit!

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